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Sean's Focuses

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Early Stage Growth focus

Early-Stage Growth

Sean created a formula for success. For entrepreneurs, building an idea into a product or service is just the beginning. Having access to investment capital is important, too, but a critical element to the real success of any early-stage company is being able to get advice and help from professionals.

Sean’s alchemy for investment includes a mix of capital and expertise. He looks for strong companies that have innovative products or services and builds relationships with the people he’s investing in. He reaches out to his vast network – professionals from his own company, experts at other companies he’s invested in, community leaders and beyond – to bring the right mix of knowledge to each project.

Through his network, Sean is able to deliver a full complement of assistance to early stage startups that helps them build infrastructure – from operations, legal teams, and marketing stacks, to processes that foster scale, value, and profitability. Designing throughput systems that generate revenue with little maintenance, Sean also offers the know-how and muscle of his own a top-tier internet marketing organization to ensure ongoing success.

Putting the venture in VC

Putting the Venture in VC

In the past 15 years, Sean has brought more than 50 companies to full profitability. He has grown his own small empire of tech-based firms (see below), and a full-fledged marketing agency. He credits his early insight for the need for systems and scale for every success he’s had, but also credits the community of experts who put in valuable time and give advice freely.

For Sean, VC as an adventure every day. An opportunity to reach back and lift up companies when they need it most, infusing capital, ideas, and enthusiasm to young startups just as they are vulnerable, but poised for growth.

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Sean Brown Proves Putting People Over Profits Pay Off

Since the Internet has become a part of everyday life, disruptors have emerged in nearly every single industry: Uber changed the transportation business, AirBNB changed the lodging business, and when it comes to venture capital, this Orange County native is changing the way businesses and private equity are working together. The man pioneering these changes is 32-year-old Sean Brown, the founder and CEO of Irvine, California based venture capital and business consulting firm GO VC.

From the outside, GO VC may seem like a typical venture capital firm. Startups approach his company, some in the idea stage, and some with proof of concepts looking to scale. These companies reach out to the firm for help with raising capital to bring ideas to life, or scale concepts that are already working. GO VC helps prepare and make sure the idea is well vetted, helps launch the idea to market, and provides resources to assist with the management of the business.

Sean at Work

Sean Brown’s unique definition of success includes his own startup experiences. He’s built a multi-channel approach to entrepreneurship powered by the ability to rapidly build industry-leading businesses.

Currently, Sean’s focused on:

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Go VC is an early seed venture capital firm that invests in a diverse range of young startups in the tech space and beyond. The core mission of Go VC is to build successful investment partnership that include capital and expert strategy to ensure all investments achieve optimal results.

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Sean at Home

A proud father and dedicated husband, Sean enjoys travelling with his family. Discovering new places and things is much more enjoyable when you have the opportunity to see it all through a new set of eyes.

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About Sean Brown

Sean Brown, a native of Orange County, California, is an accomplished entrepreneur, marketer, and investor with a proven track record for bringing businesses from concept to revenue at scale. Sean is also an internet marketer who operates a thriving agency with client relationships in Orange County and throughout the U.S.

In the past 15 years, Sean has has built more than 50 successful companies, in his 15 years of entrepreneurial experience, and he brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and operational resources to the companies in which he invests in. He seeks to, In addition to providing capital, Sean focuses on creating systems designed to help his ventures succeed in all of his ventures and strives to add more than just capital to every investment he makes.

Mentorship for Growth

Sean offers the know-how and muscle of his own top-tier internet marketing organization to companies he invests in, providing an incredible growth tool for early-stage startups attempting to establish and grow their brand. In all investment relationships, he strives to add value beyond merely contributing capital, forming a mutually beneficial partnership that drives reciprocal growth and profitability.

Investing Partnerships

As an entrepreneur, Sean has had multiple successes Sean believes in creating and scaling automated, throughput systems that generate revenue with little maintenance. Using this method, he has He has brought fostered multiple internet marketing companies from conception to fruition full scale, growing small teams into full-fledged organizations that are equally capable of selling on the market or generating continuous revenue. When growing a company, he looks for opportunities strategically, working to develop the business in a way that scales revenue quickly without scaling effort.

Sean seeks to bring both capital and support to the investments he makes while maintaining the autonomy of the companies he works with. As Sean is also an internet marketer who operates a thriving agency with client relationships both locally in Orange County and throughout the U.S. nationally,