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The Best Ways to Kickstart Your Business on Instagram

If your business isn’t already one of Instagram’s 800 million active users, it’s time to rethink your marketing strategy. Instagram’s diverse and highly engaged user base makes the platform a prime candidate for brands looking to grow their reach quickly and easily. It’s not about whether or not your business should be on Instagram, but […]

How to Get the Most out of Facebook’s Powerful Targeting Features

Recent changes to the Facebook News Feed algorithm are making it harder than ever for brands to reach their audience organically. In simple terms, Facebook has become pay-to-play. A solid Facebook advertising strategy is integral to keeping your brand relevant. If you’re not already experimenting with Facebook ads, you’re losing out on precious engagement every day. […]

Bitcoin: the New Kid On the Block(chain) is Here to Stay

Apps like Robinhood have been trying to get millennials excited about the world of stock trading, but to most kids, crypto is still the coolest. The idea of participating in the earliest phases of something revolutionary seems to resonate particularly well with the 25-35 age group. Unless you have thousands of dollars at your disposal […]

How to Start Growing Your Audience on Medium

In the world of blogging, Medium is the new kid on the block — and it’s crushing it. After launching in 2012, Medium has quickly generated well over 60 million monthly users, 90% of which have already graduated college. Does the name Evan Williams ring a bell? If you’ve ever written a blog post or crafted a […]

5 Habits You Need to Break If You Want to Be Successful

What’s stopping you from shipping your product? Or for some, what’s stopping you from building it in the first place? Being successful isn’t always about learning new things and complicating your daily routine. While the definition of success is different for everyone, bad habits are universal. Anyone can come up with a great idea, but […]

You Can’t Have a Successful Startup Without Unity

Allowing your employees to bring their dogs to work may be great for creativity, but does it really matter if nobody is excited about solving the same problem? Creating sustainable startup growth starts with unity. Company culture is important, but you can’t do anything if your team doesn’t get excited about solving the same problems. […]

8 Tips to Build a Strong Presence on Social Media

We’ve all heard it before, “the squeaky wheel gets the oil.” And now, it couldn’t possibly be any more true—especially when it comes to marketing your business. Relatability, sharability, and virality are the defining characteristics of any successful marketing campaign. You won’t resonate with your customer if they don’t relate to your ad’s creative. You […]