8 Tips to Build a Strong Presence on Social Media

We’ve all heard it before, “the squeaky wheel gets the oil.” And now, it couldn’t possibly be any more true—especially when it comes to marketing your business. Relatability, sharability, and virality are the defining characteristics of any successful marketing campaign. You won’t resonate with your customer if they don’t relate to your ad’s creative. You

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Forget Credentials; Focus on Hiring for Fit

Regardless of how big your team is, hiring is a massive gamble for any business. Effective hiring is easily the most important aspect of successfully scaling a business—one bad hire can cause a major financial setback and kill your startups momentum. The truth is, finding and recruiting quality employees that fit your team takes time.

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4 of the Best Tools to Build Your Next Website

Website builders make it easy for entrepreneurs to validate their ideas and launch businesses without writing a single line of code. As a small business, it’s not necessary to spend a few thousand dollars on a web development agency when you can just build a website yourself for less than $15 per month. However, like

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