How to Use LinkedIn for Early Lead Generation

You can’t do business without customers. Regardless of what your product is, you can’t have a business without someone to sell it to. The problem is, some people simply aren’t interested in your product and don’t make great candidates for customers. For any startup, learning how to identify your best customers and advertise directly to

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Why Sometimes the Best Growth Hack Is Traditional Marketing

Until fairly recently, marketing didn’t typically top the priority list for most startups. Marketing was not considered the battleground where you could win thousands of customers. A disruptive idea, a killer product, or a substantial investment deal were supposedly how you would conquer the world–not your marketing efforts. But around 2010, people like Sean Ellis

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Growing Your Startup with Great Content

Running a successful advertisement is no different than trying to win an argument against your friends, family, or coworkers. It’s not likely you’ll convince someone see things your way by getting in their face, intimidating them, and being aggressive. You have a much better chance of success when you decide to “use your words;” and

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